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Here's a question; how often do you wear a matching underwear set? It didn't surprise me that only 30% of us women actually do, and I'm not usually one of them! This isn't because I don't want to, but it's normally when I'm in a rush and can't find a set in my drawer, it may be visible underneath my clothing or sometimes too pricey to splurge on a full set. But imagine having the luxury and the organisation to wear a matching set every, single, day. Well, that's the exact challenge that Debenhams set me this week - the #DebsMatchingUnderwearChallenge...

Mondays for me, are my stay-at-home day. It's usually the day where I do most of my admin work and video editing. So, getting out of loungewear doesn't usually happen! Instead of wearing a two piece to start my challenge, I decided to wear this beautiful rose pink lace body. No padding, no underwires, and super comfy (yet chic!) teamed underneath a casual shirt or trackie. Sometimes I can feel a little slouchy or frumpy in loungewear, yet wearing this gorgeous body underneath my casual clothes, made me feel super luxe and definitely more organised and productive. I ticked through my to-do list in no time!

Black lace underwear will always be a staple in my wardrobe, mostly because I wear so much black clothing, but also because I think it looks super sophisticated. I love the gorgeous lace detailing on this set and the wired cup is such a flattering shape. Today was the day of super important meetings, but wearing this underneath and popping on my heels instantly made me feel more confident. 

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how truly stunning this lingerie is! A gorgeous grey mesh set with baby pink appliqué finished with Swarovski crystals, is definitely my idea of perfect underwear! I normally wouldn't want to 'waste' wearing a set this gorgeous on a day where I'm just working from home, but it definitely put a spring in my step and I felt so much more glam filming my makeup videos. 

Thursday AKA party night! You cannot go wrong with a white set and the best thing about this bra is that you can take the straps off. I love wearing off the shoulder outfits but that usually means I have to wear an ugly hold-up bra underneath. Well, I don't need to suffer anymore! Finally I can wear my super glam outfit and still feel pretty with what I'm wearing underneath.

Reger by Janet Reger Ivory Lace Multiway Balcony Bra 
Reger by Janet Reger Ivory Lace Thong

If you can't wear a red lacey set on a Friday then when can you?! As soon as I saw this beautiful lingerie, I instantly fell in love with it. Red is a colour which instantly picks me up, makes me feel powerful and ready to take on the world. I had a big job on this day, and I loved how this sassy set affected my mood.

Reger by Janet Reger Red Lace Plunge Bra
Reger by Janet Reger Red Lace Brazilian Knickers

So, all in all, I absolutely LOVED this week. Infact, I want to make a conscious effort to wear matching underwear every week! It made me so much more confident, organised, motivated and just generally happier. So thank you Debenhams. You set me the #DebsMatchingUnderwear challenge, I passed, and I loved every minute of it. You can check out all the gorgeous sets at - please let me know if you take the challenge and how it made you feel beauties! Also, if you would like to get properly fitted, I did at the Oxford Street store and would really recommend them. Just head over to the Debenhams website to find your nearest store.

Lots of love x

This post is in partnership with Debenhams.


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