Tuesday, 14 February 2017


Happy Valentines Day. Some may think that today is a holiday to celebrate love with your partner. I agree; it's a day to really tell that special someone how much you truly love them. But this year I'm also embracing Galentines. I know, it may look like a typo, but I mean Gal-entines. A way to celebrate our girls on this special day too. 

This year I'm lucky enough to have an amazing boyfriend; but last year I was sitting at home having a girlie night with my bestie. Today I've messaged those who are closest to me and wished them a Happy Valentines. Whether you have a partner in your life or not; today should be a day to celebrate the love you have with the people who mean the most - your girls, mum, sister or nanny.

I said this on Instagram today; but if there was a way I could send a rose to each and every girl in the world, I would. There's something about receiving a beautiful flower that seems to put the biggest smile on a girls face. But seeing as I can't do this; I want to send a virtual rose to you and the biggest dose of love. No matter who you are, where you are or what you're doing; know that somebody loves you. 

Happy Galentines girls 


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