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During the party season my legs are constantly out - I live in skirts and dresses around this time of year. I've always been very religious with my hair removal, I shave near enough every day so my legs are constantly smooth. But now my life is getting a whole lot easier since I've just been introduced to the SmoothSkin Bare IPL treatment. This little magic device is SO incredibly fast and easy to use, and gets to work on reducing hair up to 92% in four weeks! Honestly, it's the dream. Here's all the deets and don't forget to check out my Leg Routine video below too...

Okay so you may think that this little device looks a bit scary (as did I before I gave it a go!), but it's the quickest, easy-to-use IPL treatment I have ever seen. It has 100 flashes per minute which means you can treat your whole body - legs, underarms, arms, bikini line and face - in just ten minutes. Incredible! If you haven't used a treatment like this before, it basically uses blasts of intense pulsed light, hence why it's called IPL, to dramatically slow hair regrowth by breaking the hair growth cycle. So, firstly you need to shave before you use this treatment and your legs must be fully dry. Plug it into the socket - it runs on electricity so you don't need to re-charge and it has unlimited flashes, so it'll never run out.

Pop it onto your skin completely flat so the sensors are meeting with your legs, and hold down the little button ontop while gliding the SmoothSkin Bare up your legs in a steady motion - you'll be able to see this more clearly in my video tutorial underneath. Carry on doing this on all the areas you want to treat, and you'll be done before you know it! It doesn't hurt at all, and it checks your skin tone before each flash so it'll only activate if it's safe.

Carry on with this treatment once a week, and you'll see fewer hairs growing back finer, lighter and more slowly after just four weeks. It really is such an amazing investment buy. A life without having to worry about keeping ontop of hair removal every day is pretty much every girls dream. Watch my tutorial below here to see my full party leg routine and how I prep for my SmoothSkin treatment. If you would like more information on this little magic device, then just head over to . YES to smooth legs all year round - happy partying!

SmoothSkin Bare - £199

This post is in collaboration with SmoothSkin.

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