Wednesday, 14 September 2016


Feeling sluggish everyday is not a nice feeling, nor is it productive! As I have the luxury of being able to work from home, I really need to kick-start my morning so that I'm ready to crack on with the day. I've rounded up some tips and tricks for natural energy boosting - including my new favourite *natural* effervescent drink.


So caffeine is a no-go for me. It's not good for you, and definitely not the best solution for tiredness. An effervescent drink is one my favourite fixes for starting my day, and now I've discovered a fully natural choice. Nelsons have launched their first ever Rescue Plus Effervescent drink and the tablets have a mix of their hero Rescue flower essences (which I have been a fan of for years), B vitamins, Zinc and Magnesium to instantly help boost energy. The best part is that the *yum* mixed berry flavour isn't made from any artificial sweeteners and it's completely sugar-free - winning! Just pop one tablet in your glass of water when you wake up and it'll take about five minutes to fully dissolve. FYI it's best flavoured effervescent drink, ever.


If you're a 'faffer' like me, then you may struggle with getting your bum in gear in the morning. After having a drink and a bite to eat (I usually start my day with yoghurt and berries), I slip on my trainers and take a walk, jog or run - depending on how active I'm feeling! Okay, so it's only about a five to ten minute trip, but just getting out of the house and taking in the fresh air really does help to wake you up instantly. Please note: this part of my routine is less likely to happen when it's pouring down with rain. I hate rain.


The best way to wake up during the day? Splash your face with water! Yes, seriously. Running a flannel under a cold tap and popping onto your face for five minutes is a great way to really boost and refresh you. If you're on the go or sitting at your work desk, carry a water-filled travel bottle in your handbag for a refreshing, discreet spritz.

* Breathe. Sitting back and taking a deep breathe in, holding for a few seconds and then releasing can clear your mind and energise you.
* Laugh. Watch that funny video that you can't stop watching on YouTube - having a good giggle raises your blood pressure and boosts your heart rate!
* Chew. Grab a piece of chewing gum and the invigorating minty taste will quickly boost you up.

This post has been sponsored by Rescue Remedy. You can pick up Bach Rescue Plus Effervescent from Boots and Holland & Barrett.


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